Friday, 30 May 2014


  1. First you must get the right stone or pebble - it needs to be a flat one with smooth edges.
  2. After that you pick a stone and the put your thumb on top, your pointing finger on the side and your middle finger on the bottom.
  3. Then you get a straight arm and then skim your stone as low as you can.   
  4. The aim is to get the stone to 'skim' (bounce) across the surface as many times as possible. 
My best skim was a 'niner' my mum managed just two! 

by Alfie Bradshaw, age 10. 


  1. I'll have to come to you for lessons, I am useless at skimming stones, then maybe I can teach my little boy how to do it and we can beat his daddy!

  2. I hope I get a 'niner' like you! Great tips, thanks Alfie x

  3. A 'niner' - wow! I've never managed more than two or three. Great explanation Alfie. Look forward to more of your how-to tips in the future. :-)


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