Tuesday, 1 April 2014

The 52 Loaves Project Bakers Go Back to School

When the lovely Tom Herbert of Hobbs House Bakery heard about the 52 loaves project on Instagram  he invited some of us taking part to the Hobbs House Cookery School for a morning of bread baking with him. We spent the day up to our elbows in flour, learning tips of how we can improve our loaves. Together we made a great white loaf dough, sour cherry and chocolate hot cross buns, soda spelt buns and watched how to make pitta breads. 

We brought home small bits of the famous Hobbs House 59 year old sourdough, which I have rehoused in a kilner jar in the fridge, and will feed until I feel ready to learn how to make sourdough loaves. *note to self read up on feeding sourdough*

A very dapper looking Tom, sharing his business card, a Hobbs House dough scraper!

Tom invited us to take one of our loaves with us for him to help us and as a result I discovered that I under knead, over prove, never shape properly and don't cook in a hot enough oven! Which might sound awful but after 12 weeks of baking loaves it was really good to get some guidance and tips on what I can improve on.

A beautifully presented row of our soda spelt rolls, don't they look delicious?

The day was so inspiring, Tom has such an infectious enthusiasm for sharing his baking passion that I can't wait to bake my next loaf and I've invested in a baking stone to bake my bread on too, I now have no excuses!

The 52 Loaves Project Bakers from left to right; Ruby, Carolyn, Jack, Lou, Dan, Tom, Laura, Emma, Natalie and Me!

If you would like to go on a bread baking course with Tom, check out the Hobbs House Bakery website for more information. 


  1. Such a wonderful morning! I was buzzing afterwards and Tuesday felt very drab in comparison! Thanks so much for hooking us all up, Emma. Lovely as ever to see you and hope to catch up again soon x

  2. Looks amazing!

  3. Best day ever!!!! I am inspired. I want to bake bread for everyone! Lush to see you too... now let's get that mill trip organised! :) xxx

  4. Amazing day indeed! Thank you for organising it and it was so lovely to meet you at last x

  5. Awesome post, thanks for sharing this post..

  6. Thanks for sharing this wonderful post, It is awesome.

  7. Oh, you all took such wonderful photos! Glad it was such fun...I'm very green ;0) xx


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