Thursday, 17 April 2014

Pottering about

We discovered The Village Pottery in Clifton Village, Bristol today. The little man wanted to have a go on a potters wheel for his birthday, so instead of a party he chose to take two friends for a pottery session. The pottery shop was lovely, with floor to ceiling shelves packed with gorgeous mugs, plates and bowls handmade by Jen and in the studio next door just enough space for the boys to each take a turn on the wheel and make other clay creations, whilst I enjoyed a latte. The boys loved it and Jen was so patient and good with them, we've left our creations for her to glaze and fire before collecting our works of art in a few weeks time. 


  1. Something I've always wanted to have a go at but prevented from doing by the eczema on my hands! :-(

  2. What a fantastic way to spend a birthday!

  3. Hi Emma. Such concentration - would be great to meet up for a coffee/hot chocolate when you're in town to pick up your creations. Hope you had a lovely Easter too.


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