Sunday, 13 April 2014

My five minutes of fame

It's taken me all week to pluck up the courage to watch last weeks BBC Countryfile that featured my hubby and I on an exciting project that we're working on together at the moment. I was terribly nervous as have never been on TV before and meeting John Craven too was quite exciting. My nose looks huge and I really need a haircut but it's not too bad, bossing my husband around on national TV has amused many of our friends anyway! You can still catch for a few hours if you want to watch it on I player!


  1. I watched that last week and didn't twig it was you until now!
    a sweet project to be part of indeed:
    now I know what you sound like too :-)
    ps oh and your nose does not look big

  2. I am unable to play this in the states. Darn. I want to hear your voice.
    But and can see and must say that you look delightfully young and beautiful and passionate.
    Love, love, love being a part of your life via Bradshaw and Sons.

  3. Love it! Countryfile and John Craven have been favourites of mine for years so I am very jealous! I thought you were very natural (and in control), let's hope this is the start of more TV fame :-)

  4. Argh. I can't see it, won't show in my country. BBC Country file was one of the first podcasts I ever listened too... would glue myself to a map of England and follow the trails!!! Lovely... but we can't get BBC podcasts anymore, so I have to live my "longing for English countryside" through writers like you!!!


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