Wednesday, 23 April 2014

My baby turned two!

And just like that the babe is two, where did the time go? Whilst I mourn the passing of another year, the birthday celebrations and joy that they bring makes me forget my own woes.

Little Stanley had a wonderful birthday, we made him a balloon curtain which he just loved and has played with all day. His present was a trailer to go on the back of his favourite land rover (that was his Christmas present) it's a Britain's Big Farm toy, which are really life like and not extortionate prices. The cows are a bit plasticky but we can use our lovely Schleich farm animals instead.

His birthday cake this year was a bit of a short cut, with Easter and two birthdays close together and realising that I'm not supermum and just can't stay up all night baking, I bought a cheap supermarket gâteaux and hid it with an army of rabbits that were discounted Easter choc. It was a bit too chocolaty, if you can believe that is possible but was cheap, quick and easy to make.

His lovely godmother and grandparents came for afternoon tea, nice and simple and surrounded by his favourite people, it was a lovely day. Now onto birthday number two this week!


  1. Time has flown. I remember meeting you for the first time at Giffords Circus, and he was tiny. 2 years and a couple of months ago. Happy Birthday lovely Stanley. xx

  2. Happy Birthday Stanley! It's been lovely being able to follow you growing up, and seeing you develop into a great little boy. Maybe one day you'll get the chance to meet my own little lad who is two and a half! Antonia x

  3. Baby is the gift from a mother for a father. I have 1 years baby. i lover her very much. she is my world. I know this feeling. Exactly.My baby is 7 months and becoming VERY mobile! It is important to a baby that her father love her very much. I think every parents need to love his child very much. above all happy birthday.


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