Tuesday, 18 March 2014

Kitchen capers

We are busy bees at the moment trying to finish all those jobs around the house that we have put off for the past ten years! I've never believed that the house we live in now is our 'forever home' so have always been loathed to spend any money on it, wanting instead to sell it. I have *finally* come around to the fact that if we did spend a little bit we would actually create a beautiful home and although I can't do anything about the small garden and the fact that its shell is pure 1980's utilitarian architecture, it is in a brilliant location and we can't find anything better that we can afford that is worth the upheaval of moving for right now!

So armed with a very long list of things I want to get done I have started with the kitchen and just had a new cooker hood fitted that was a bargain in the John Lewis sale and I found these shelves for £20 on ebay. I have also bought some white metro tiles with some grey grout, also reduced in the January sales, after admiring all the cool kids kitchens on Pinterest! Of course as soon as the cooker hood was fitted the kettle stopped working and as I went online to look at buying a new oven, the freezer packed up too and I had to make an emergency run around the village to friends freezers to save our meat - such is life!


  1. Your house sounds just like mine - a 1980s redbrick box. I am also endeavouring to make it a lovely family home on a tight budget, bit by bit, because like yours mine is in a great village and everything else is miles more expensive. I am finding a huge amount of satisfaction from doing it even if very slowly - 5 years and counting.....
    You have got great style from what I have seen of your house and I look forward to seeing more. Good luck!

  2. I think we are all in the same predicament, too expensive to buy anywhere else, small garden but lucky to live where we do! We have not done anything to our house in 10years and now its falling apart around us! Pinterest has spurred me on to get decorating (even if its at a slow pace!) and we are lucky to live in a pretty looking old house. Ive decided to make the most of it and believe I will retire to the country when the boys have flown the nest....


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