Thursday, 27 March 2014


In just 24 hours I've had three large bills hit me out of the blue! Every time I've saved up enough money for a new oven something goes wrong, breaks or in the case of a dry stone wall, falls down! So to console myself I'm hiding on Pinterest - looking at beautiful images of beautiful people doing beautiful things, sometimes I hate being a grown up!
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  1. Hi Emma although it's no consolation what-so-ever I hate being a grown up too! But at 41 I think (technically) I am one...

  2. My dishwasher and hoover have broken in the same week. I now have dry skin on my hands and a dirty home. I hate being a grown up too. - Let's dream of escaping together! x

  3. Feel your pain. There's always one thing isn't there. One day it'll be a rainy day where you get to choose what to splurge on - hope that's not too far off x

  4. Urgh it's rubbish isn't it! Our neighbours' summer house roof blew off in the winds and landed on our oil tank meaning the whole thing needed replacing & they weren't liable...they were very good though and covered half our excess, but then our washing machine died too & now all sorts of boring stuff is due decor dreams live to await another month! xx


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