Saturday, 15 February 2014

one of our dinosaurs is missing

A London visit to the Natural History Museum with the boys who were enjoying an inset day. I've wanted to take them to the museum for ages and we finally made it. I've loved visiting it since I was a child and my favourite film was (and still is) One of Our Dinosaurs is Missing!

I haven't visited for ages and I was blown away by the new Earthquakes and Volcanoes gallery, with a plate tectonics room featuring an actual 'shaking' Kobe Supermarket and scary tsunami footage. The entrance to the gallery is pretty impressive too, through a globe escalator.

The boys enjoyed the dinosaur exhibition with the animatronic T-rex, although it was really busy, and the blue whale room, full of mammals and cool whale skeletons hanging from the ceiling. If you visit, I do recommend the lovely sandwich bar in the Red Zone with really delicious focaccia and salads, it's a lot quieter than the other cafes as it's quite out of the way.


  1. I was there last night - watching New Tricks on TV which was filmed at that very museum! Looks like a fun and interesting place to take youngsters.

  2. Oh EMMA! It looks amazing. I still haven't gone or taken the boys. Naughty mummy. Must do it this year. We watched that film only last week. I'd forgotten how much I loved it (watching it first when I was little) - the boys loved it too. It's on Netflix now if you want to watch it again. xx

  3. Oh just have to love that place and your big boys sweater!!! We took our kids there about five years ago and they still talk about it all the time - nothing here comes close!!! We thought we would spend a morning there and the afternoon at the science museum... but it turned out two days exploring the natural history museum and two more in the science!!! Really wish we lived a little closer sometimes!!!


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