Monday, 24 February 2014

I love crates

I have just implemented a new filing system for shoes and school bags after getting fed up of whiny voices from my children every morning saying they can't find things! I have labelled three crates, one each for each boy to put in his shoes and boots, and morning one was a complete success.

It is quite apparent that I have quite a crate obsession though, with thirteen crates used in different places around the house! They are by the front door, I have some with wheels on in the boys rooms for their toys, as kitchen shelves, my beside table and even as a unit to house the records and record player!

I really like them and would have even more if I was allowed, I rather fancy fixing a load together to make shelves in the lounge like this set by Bailey's. Although that might be going a little too far perhaps? 


  1. And why not if you can get hold of the crates? Hope the boys' crates continue to be a success.

  2. where do you get them from? Or do you have a secret supply? I'd love some, you make them look so cool! x

  3. I have never been able to source reasonably priced crates


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