Sunday, 16 February 2014

Half-term adventures

Planning some half-term adventures with our new *old* map. It's from 1946 and it's amazing to study and see just how much has been built, including the M5 and the railway lines that have disappeared!

This week we're hoping to:
  • Learn to map read
  • Make madeleines
  • Go on a walk & illustrate it
  • Make a mini stage with a box and old sheets
  • Wear our wellies!
  • Find some sticks
  • Bake some Welsh Cakes
  • Make butter 
  • Go thrift store shopping
  • Get haircuts! 
  • Make bows and arrows 


  1. I get the sense that you will definitely get the opportunity to wear your wellies!

  2. Go down Tesco's in a tiara and frock that looks like a ranunculus?

    You've put me in mind - I'm off to Google Welsh cake recipes

  3. I love your blog, such simple ideas but so much fun. My little boy is only 4 months so we're not quite there yet but taking a mental note for the future! Ella x

  4. Love this, have a fabulous half term x

  5. How are you finding your Fjallraven backback? I've been hankering after one to add a little style to our expeditions, but worried that the narrow straps might prove uncomfy? I love the sound of your expeditions - and your lists! I love a list, makes me feel like there's lots of possibilities, even if we never manage half of them!


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