Saturday, 11 January 2014

the 52 loaves project...

the big boys teaching their little brother how to knead!

For years I have tried and failed to bake a loaf of bread. For those of you that can bake bread, you wonder what an earth I could do so wrong? But each and every time I've attempted a loaf I have produced a wonderfully heavy brick much to my husbands amusement. On Instagram I noticed that Lou had made her new year's resolution to bake a weekly loaf, this is it I thought, my chance to be rid of my bread baking demons and join in. So last night the boys and I rolled up our sleeves and attempted our first family loaf.

We chose the Baker Brothers simple white tin loaf, the first recipe in their book and basic enough for our tentative start! I plundered the cupboards for some Shipton Mill finest white bread flour that I had left over from my last disastrous bread baking attempt, and realising I didn't quite have enough for the recipe, supplemented it with 100g of Wessex Mill half and half flour! Both originally purchased on a bread baking whim.

The boys helped me out measuring and arguing over who did what, although they all enjoyed the kneading bit. The bread didn't rise as much as I expected, so we left it over night. I wonder if the yeast was too old (must check the sell-by date!) or whether we actually didn't knead long or well enough? Or if our kitchen was warm enough, anyway, we baked the loaf for breakfast this morning and it was edible! It was a little salty (note to self: watch the children measuring things out!) and a little 'cakey' as it hadn't risen as much as it should BUT, and I repeat, it was edible!

Bread baking demons be gone! I'm going to try the recipe again next week, to see if we can improve, but I can't tell you how smug I felt sat down eating our own bread for breakfast, straight from the oven. I predict Hobbs House bakery sales will now plummet as a result!

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  1. Looks wonderful to me, Emma (as a bread making virgin ;0) great project xx


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