Wednesday, 1 January 2014

Making bird seed feeders

The weather is truly awful here strong winds and heavy rain, we haven't braved a trip outdoors today! Instead we've been thinking of the poor blackbirds that we usually see in our garden who must be struggling in this weather. We decided to make them bird seed feeders from some coconuts that the eldest boy won at the school Christmas fair. They are simple to make but need tools and adult supervision.

You will need: 
Lard (one packet)
Mixed bird seed
Oatmeal & raisins (optional)
and a lot of patience depending how many children you have!

Simply melt the lard over a low heat, removing as soon as melted and add your mixed bird seed, making sure the lard coats the mixture as it needs to set hard.

We then drilled holes to release the coconut milk and daddy sawed the coconuts in half.

We added oatmeal (uncooked) and raisins to our mixture as an extra treat for the birds. We tied string through the hole in the coconut to hang it up and filled it with the mixture, leaving to set in a cool place before hanging them up outside.

We are now just waiting for the birds to arrive!


  1. They wi and you can of course reuse the empty shells for more lard/seed mix as I do - I have enjoyed watching a great spotted woodpecker feeding from mine this morning whilst the blue tits just get inside to feed and a thrush was having difficulty as it was trying to hover at the shell! Great fun to watch. Glad I don't have to get my breakfast like that though!

  2. The birds will love you for this, wonderful xox Penny

  3. Lovely feeders. Blackbirds and Robins are ground feeders so will need some on the ground or strung very low xx Karen


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