Friday, 24 January 2014

learning to weave

I recently enrolled on a short weaving course in the evening and I'm really enjoying it. We've been learning all about how to set up and use a loom and the different weaves that you can do. It's really therapeutic!


  1. I have a four-shaft loom that has been in its packing papers since we moved to France back in 2005! I have all but forgotten how to use it but your post is making me wonder if I might perhaps one day have another go on it after all it has many happy memories of when our Textile Gang used to weave on it the Gang is now sadly depleted as we are all getting on in years! Must find the book and unwrap my loom and have another go!

  2. Looks amazing....where did you do it? I have been looking for a weaving course. Sarah

  3. How lovely, it's great to see these old skills are still being taught. It must make everything slow right down to the sound of clickety clack, looking forward to seeing what you make, Antonia x


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