Sunday, 12 January 2014

a quiet corner of my own

My beloved leather chair was just not holding up to the battering of three boys in the lounge, so I've had to move it to my bedroom in order to save it! It needs re-upholstering but I haven't got a clue about going about that, so will continue to preserve its modesty by hiding the bald patches with my favourite blanket knitted by my grandma, with all the odds and ends she had left over.

The cushion was embroidered by my mum in the 70's and as a child of the 80's I didn't used to be that keen on it, but now I love it, her stitch work is amazing!

An old wooden box found in the garage and mounted on the wall is now my bedside table as the chair takes up so much space. It houses a few of my favourite books and a shell trinket box that I bought with my pocket money when I was six from a shell shop in South Wales.

I have commandeered the clamp lamp that I'd originally bought for the boys bunk bed, but I think looks better here! It was from the Plumo sale a few months back.


  1. Looks lovely, and what a fab chair! Everyone needs a little corner to curl up in and escape now and again x

  2. You can see the artistic gene passing down the family line. I had to laugh "commandeering". My youngest and I have drawn a truce on a blue glass bird that I think looks better in my bedroom. I am just bide-ing my time until she leaves for university and I will pounce. Few years to go yet!

  3. What a glorious mix of childhood treasure, vintage finds and family hand me downs - I do love your style.

  4. this is such a gorgeous little space. The chair is all the more beautiful for being worn so soft, and the wall mounted box is a great idea, especially for keeping treasures out of reach of little hands!! Lovely!


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