Monday, 9 December 2013

winter spiced pine cone firelighters

Every year I make a huge batch of winter spiced pine cone firelighters, to sell at the school Christmas Fair and to give as gifts when visiting friends and family. 

They are super easy to make too. 

You need:
Pine cones
Paraffin wax
Candle wick 
Essential Oil - I use cinnamon and mandarin from Neal's Yard Remedies
An old saucepan, spoon and non-stick cake trays - I got mine from a car boot sale

I simply melt the paraffin wax in the saucepan on a gentle heat, then spoon it into the cake tray. I wrap a three inch piece of wick around the base of the pine cone before placing into the hot wax and leaving to dry. Once dry I add a few drops of each essential oil to the pine cone (or you can add lots to the melted wax if you prefer) and lift out of the cake tin. 

I always have a big bowl of these next to the fire as they smell so lovely and Christmassy, although I am loathed to use them as they look so nice! 

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