Monday, 14 October 2013

fabulous fossil hunting

It's always good to go fossil hunting after a good rain storm as it often erodes cliffs, exposing more! And after the rain this last week, it was the perfect time to go off exploring. 

The best place to look for fossils is the scree at the bottom of a cliff, you may need a fossil hammer and goggles to break rocks open and discover the fossils inside. 

It was really quite muddy though and it felt like wearing concrete welly boots! Such a good workout though.

We found lots of treasure, or in this case 'devil's toenails' or Gryphaea the fossil of an extinct oyster that lived in warm tropical Jurassic seas around 200 million years ago. The UK at that time would have been roughly where the Mediterranean is now due to the movement of the earths plates. No Tyrannosaurus Rex's were found unfortunately!


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