Saturday, 7 September 2013

the wild woodland summer ball

we followed a magical path

I always buy a local newspaper when I'm on holiday, I like to find out about local events and get a sense of the place in which I'm staying. This year, thanks to the newspaper left for us in our welcome pack in the holiday cottage, I read about the Rogue Theatre company performing a 'wild woodland summer ball' in a woodland nearby, which sounded enchanting, so we booked for our last night and hoped it wouldn't rain! 

We arrived at the woodland, an enchanting oak woodland near the cliffs on the North coast of Cornwall, and followed a long trail of fairy lights, though different 'scenes' and through a door into a magical glade. The scenes were a clue to the different plays we were about to watch as part of the main performance. 

it's not everyday you find a pirate ship in the middle of a woodland!

or a sofa for that matter!

The show was truly magical, I thought it might be a little too 'fairy wings and glitter' but the theatre was structured into six plays, from little old ladies reminiscing about their lost loves to swashbuckling pirate adventures on the high seas with fights! Lots of singing and dancing too. There really was something for everyone, that included a stew in the interval and a well stocked bar with local beers and hot chocolate and ended with dancing! We all were absolutely spellbound with each of us having a different favorite play, I loved the arial artists performance in particular. I am delighted to see that there are different shows throughout the year, with next summer's listings already advertised, I would consider booking my holiday to coincide just to see them again as I thought it was so fab! I really want to go to the winter performance, how magical would that be before Christmas? 

the boys were spellbound and as we watched bats flew over our heads!

the theatre hidden in the middle of the woods 

the attention to detail & storytelling from the minute you arrived was amazing!

It was the perfect end to our holiday.


  1. That looks absolutely lovely. Thank goodness for local papers.

  2. That looks absolutely magical Emma, a perfect end to the holiday. What a summer this has been!

  3. We went to a showing last year in autumn and even though it was cold and overcast, the sense of enchantment and originality made it worth while - a really unique experience!

  4. Looks amazingly magical - how wonderful to stumble across this ball on holiday. Lovely photos!

  5. What a magical thing to come across, and such fun! x


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