Monday, 5 August 2013

lino printing with children

With a rainy day forecast we decided to raid the art cupboard for some inspiration and discovered some lino. The boys had never tried this before and the sharp tool (and therefore an element of danger) appealed to them.

They decided to do their own names first, and as you can see from the top picture I forgot that you need to reverse the letters so it prints out the right way round (doh!)

After finally getting it right, thanks to the lovely lady in the art shop, the boys found the cutting really easy and we bought ink and more lino!

Rolling the paint was really easy - we used some ice-cream tub lids for the paint and then just pressed the paper down on top of the lino for a great result!

The craft cupboard definitely needs a tidy but maybe that's a job for another rainy day!


  1. Oh I love your art cupboard... it looks like a fab place to potter around in on a rainy day!!!

    1. Unfortunately it's one of those 'take something out and the whole shelf falls out' cupboards! Oh to be tidy.

  2. Such a great craft to do, they look like great Christmas presents!

  3. This posting popped up in the 'you might also like' I often wonder about blogs that I follow and their art cupboards. Usually I wonder if people have a small amount of art materials that they store neatly because their houses are always so tidy or if they are more like me where the supplies take over the kitchen. It is lovely to see yours, bursting with potential.

    Today I stated sorting ours out (an old boot rack) and my boys have been so busy all afternoon marbling and stamping, so excited about the supplies they forgot we had. I love the lino idea, I haven't don't that since art college days. I am off to buy some lino now, thanks for the inspiration.


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