Wednesday, 21 August 2013

A breakfast barbecue on the beach

We had the most amazing beach barbecue on holiday recently. As the tide varies each day, the first thing we buy when on holiday is one of those little yellow tide times books so we can plan our days around visits to the beach. This year high tide has been mainly in the afternoon, so we decided to have a breakfast barbecue instead of an evening one. 

We bought sausages, apricots and eggs from the local farm shop and huge tiger baps from the local bakers. Then after breakfast and when the fire had died down a little I popped some carrot cakes in the embers to cook whilst the boys went surfing.

I was inspired by a recipe by James Strawbridge from Saturday Farm, but mine have far less ingredients and they certainly look more rustic!

You have to grease and line the cans with baking parchment before baking, but even so they did burn on the bottom as the barbecue was so hot!

My cakes are 100g of sugar, creamed together with 100g of unsalted butter. Then I stirred in two eggs and 100g flour, 1 tsp of baking powder and 1 tsp of cinnamon. Finally I stirred in three grated carrots and cooked in the barbecue embers until they were cooked through. I did all the preparation at home and just took the cans to the beach with the cake mix already in to make it easy.

To serve I mixed a little cream cheese with icing sugar (done before going to the beach) and iced the top of the cakes. Delicious and warm for when the boys returned from the sea!


  1. Genius! Love this idea emma. We are off Yurting next week, the idea of cake baking on the fire is a dream come true... will give this a go! x

  2. This completely inspired our beach BBQ this week, we has peaches and sausages. Really must try the cake idea, sounds fab!

  3. Great idea Emma, think I will try this when we go to camping in October!


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