Thursday, 11 July 2013

Strawberry Picking with Stanley

For me strawberry picking is a tradition, something my mum and I would do every year as we lived within walking distance of a fruit farm. We'd pop a few into our mouths as we hunted for the little red treasure, always crossing into the next row that had the promise of bigger juicier strawberries!

In my opinion strawberry picking should always be on a warm day, when you can smell the aroma of the fruit as it ripens and at the moment we are blessed with the most perfect picking weather. With Stanley's help (and by help I mean) I picked and he popped them into his mouth, we filled two baskets ready to turn into jam. At 14 months old I'm not sure he really understood what we were doing and was quite bemused by the whole concept, preferring instead to run up and down the straw filled lanes!

1 comment:

  1. Oh Emma, that does bring back memories! When we lived down in Hampshire, I'd often take my twins strawberry picking in the summer (which seemed long + hot at the time!) - my son was just the same - he loved eating them and I can remember thinking that they might actually just weigh Paul instead!
    Enjoy the jam making!


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