Sunday, 21 July 2013

Meeting Cerys

I was so lucky to meet the enchanting Cerys Matthews this week, who was in Gloucestershire to film for The One Show at one of Gloucestershire Wildlife Trust's nature reserves Laurie Lee Wood. She was recording a short film about the book Cider with Rosie and was exploring the Slad Valley and how it has changed since Laurie Lee lived there as a child.

It was wonderful to get a sneak peek behind the scenes and see how a TV programme such as the One Show is made, the crew were just fab and worked so hard in the sweltering heat!

We talked about Granny Wallon a wonderful character from Cider with Rosie who is described as 'spending her days gathering the fruits of the surrounding countryside and turning them into wines that slowly ferment over a year in their bottles', and I said how easy elderflower champagne is to make, so had to give her a bottle from our recent brew a few weeks ago (secretly hoping it didn't explode on the train on her way home!)

So this week on her fabulous BBC 6 Music Sunday morning show Cerys mentioned this blog and read out my elderflower champagne recipe on her 'Poetry In Motion' section of the show! I am completely 'starstruck' and in love with Cerys' Welsh lilt as she reads the recipe to the most beautiful music 'Llio Rhydderch' by Melangell Megis Sybylltirin the background. 

Thank you so much Cerys, the mention made us all quite giddy with excitement, I do hope you enjoy the champagne. 


  1. That is so cool Emma - I love her show but was doing housework today and missed your mention. Damn the vacuum cleaner...

    1. Don't worry Karen, you can listen again on BBC Iplayer - click on the link above ;0)

  2. Wow. One of the few people I would be totally star struck by!


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