Monday, 8 July 2013

enjoying the sunshine

We've been really enjoying this sunshine and been outside most of the weekend. Luckily the very nice people at Green People sent me a tube of sun lotion and some bath and shower wash too a few weeks ago, so for once I was actually ready for this heat wave.

I struggle to find bath washes that are suitable for our sensitive skins as most of the family has eczema, but I'm pleased to report that these products have proved both effective and extremely gentle on our skin. I've been using the citrus and aloe vera body wash too as it smells divine and is a perfect scent for summer with aloe in for sun kissed skin.

The sun lotion has worked beautifully on all of our skins and is easy to apply, especially on wiggly babies! Green People have also linked up with The Marine Conservation Society and are donating 30p from every sale of organic scent free SPF 25 sun-lotion to this cause.

I had never used any products by Green People before but will certainly use them again as I've been delighted with the samples we were sent. Here's to more fun in the sun this week!


  1. Looks like everyone is having fun!
    We've used Green People since P was a baby (he's 11 now) and their products are lovely.
    Enjoy the rest of the sun

  2. I swear by Green People, best products ever for eczema.


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