Saturday, 20 April 2013

a taste of things to come...

A few weeks ago I was sent a proof of The Ethicurean Cookbook to review. You may remember my visit last year? I am so excited to pour over the pages of this delicious book, packed full of the wonderful seasonal delights that make The Ethicurean so enchanting. I know it's a good book as I'm carrying it around the house to snatch quiet moments when I can delve into its pages.

The book follows The Ethicurean over a year and is laid out in four seasons starting with winter and wassailing. The recipes are presented as beautifully as the rows of vegetables in the Walled Garden from where they originate. Delicious creations such as Nettle soup with Caerphilly, St. Georges mushrooms with asparagus and Figs wrapped in pork belly with lavender and buffalo mozzerello, just leap out of the pages thanks to beautiful photography by Jason Ingram.

Matthew and Iain Pennington are the self-taught chefs and artisans behind The Ethicurean and have written the book, alongside co-founders Paula Zarate and mixologist Jack Adair-Bevan, whose splendid cocktails are peppered throughout the book - my favourite is the apple flip. This book is truly an inspiration to all of us who are trying to improve how we source our food and learn new techniques such as preserving, smoking and curing. In fact I've planted some courgette seeds this very afternoon after reading the Ewe's-curd-stuffed courgette flower recipe!

If you aren't lucky enough to visit The Ethicurean, then the book is out on the 16th May so you can create your own seasonal magic at home!


  1. It's out the day after my birthday, maybe a late birthday pressie! I've never been, let's try and do a blog meet up there? x

  2. I enjoyed reading about your visit and the book looks wonderful, with lots of inspiration for using produce from the garden in interesting ways. Both a visit to the restaurant/garden and the book are definitely on my wish list.


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