Wednesday, 13 March 2013

environmental education...

planting a hedge to create a new habitat on the school field

I've been helping the boys school run an environmental education programme. The school has a huge outdoor space and a nature area that's packed with wildlife! I've put together a plan with five sessions for each class, from creating new habitats with the older children to pond dipping and mini-beast hunts, to inspire a whole new generation of David Attenboroughs.

Outdoor education is something I care passionately about and I'm concerned that the Governments new curriculum proposals don't adequately reflect the need for children from early years to understand about the environment and our need to protect it. It seems that the emphasis is to introduce it later in key stage 2 (8&9 year olds). You can read about the curriculum here and have your say as the consultation on the reform of the national curriculum is open for response until 16th April 2013.

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  1. How fab that you're helping the children learn about the environment in a great fun way. It sounds as if your children's school has some great outdoor spaces - brilliant that you're helping the children to make the most of them.


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