Saturday, 9 March 2013

a little mouse, where? there on the stair...

oh dear, upon having a general tidy today I found feathers from the duster in my walking boots! Upon closer inspection it seems that a little mouse (or mice!!!) pinched the sweet chestnuts from Christmas and hid them in secret places that were hardly touched, such as the camping gear and my boots, clever things.

I had wondered where all the chestnuts went - but assumed a small boy had been responsible! All food has now been cleared away and a small hole under the sink sealed, fingers crossed they're on the outside.


  1. I found our little mouse in the washing machine AFTER he/she had been through a full wash and spin! Not sure if mousie was a present from our cats, or had crawled in via a small hole under the sink - needless to say the hole was soon blocked and the cats given a stern talking to (like they'd take any notice))

  2. We used to have such troubles with mice - always chewing through the washing machine pipes. Are you sure there aren't Borrowers around?


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