Saturday, 16 February 2013


a portrait of my children, once a week, every week in 2013

Stanley - he is fascinated by Betty chicken and the birds outside

Ted - concentrating so hard on making an island for his 'where the wild things are' school project

Alfie - his freckles came out during all those snow days last month - I love freckles!


  1. those freckles are just divine. i love the angle of that photo. our littlest was so i love with our chickens when we first got them that we had to build a bench seat out near their coop so we could sit while she watched them, you are lucky he can see them from the window.

    1. Thank you Jo, they're more impressive in summer as are mine! I think freckles are the only thing he inherited from me. Building a chicken watching bench is just a lovely thing to do, Stan is lucky to be able to keep an eye on Betty from the door, Emma x

  2. You got all three! How you are coping with three is amazing to me xx

  3. We love to watch the hens at our place to. What three lovely boys you have there in their blues and greys and stripes and spots, Emma. x

  4. I miss our chooks. Our youngest used to love to follow them around. We also had a cheeky chook who like to escape the pen and watch us through the window.

  5. Adorable pictures of three adorable boys. Love your new header btw. x

  6. Beautiful pics Emma. And a beautiful new blog design too - love the font and the hand drawn illustration. It captures the boys perfectly!

  7. gorgeous boys and beautifully captured Emma!


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