Wednesday, 2 January 2013

looking forward to 2013...

I'm not one for resolutions, but as you know I love making lists. So here are just a few things that I'm excited about in 2013...

A visit to the daddy of all museums, The Natural History Museum and some smaller museums too, such as the fossil museum - next to the amazing Square and Compass pub in Dorset.

The new cookery book from the Ethicurean Restaurant due to be published in May - the brains behind the award winning restaurant Jack Adair-Bevan, Paula Zarate and brothers Matthew and Iain Pennington will infect you with their love of seasonal cooking and inventive enthusiasm for homegrown and ethical produce.

Giffords Circus goes from strength to strength and each year we go we never fail to be enchanted by the creativity and romance of this 1930's inspired village green show that tours the Cotswolds every summer. We look forward to new daredevil acts as well as greeting old favourites; Bibi and Bichu and Tweedy the Clown.

The Do Lectures take place annually in deepest Wales, and are a series of small and intimate lectures over a few days by very big inspiring people. I would love to attend, only a few do as it is by application only, but the lectures are available to view online afterwards and there are now day workshops too.

2012 saw the launch of lots of new magazines such as The Simple Things and Cereal. I'm looking forward to The Foodie Bugle due to be published early 2013 in particular. I'm going to have go with my own email newsletter and you can sign up here to receive a copy.

Paul Weller at Westonbirt Arboretum part of the Forest Tours

I'm really excited to start using my new Lomokino camera and capturing analogue film. Also dusting off my lomo and Polaroid too and rediscovering my love of film.

The Hobbs House Cookery School is due to open in the spring, I can't wait to see the prospectus and learn how to bake bread properly!

Holidaying in Cornwall in the summer, we have been returning to the same place, west Cornwall for a few years now, nowhere else compares. We will have barbecues on the beach, surf lessons, eat pasties and dream of owning beach houses like these!


  1. Thank you for the link to the do lectures. Just watched one on Headspace - wonderful and feeling really inspired. Happy New Year to you and your lovely family x

    1. I watch them too when I need inspiration! Happy New Year Karen x

  2. Hobbs House Cookery School!? I am with you there :) Also can't wait for Giffords Circus. We took the boys to the Natural History Museum for the first time over Christmas, and to say that they loved it would be an understatement! Lots to look forward to in 2013! Laura x PS: Now that I have my own blog, I have finally added the bell tent owners' club badge to the sidebar. Suspect this may be the year we have to upgrade to a 5m... x

    1. I didn't even add camping to the list, I don't know! Look forward to seeing you again soon, Emma x

  3. The Natural History Museum is great isn't it, you could spend weeks in there and still not see everything.


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