Thursday, 24 January 2013

lomokino love...

I've been playing with my new toy - a lomokino 35mm movie camera! I love it, it's tiny and clicks in a satisfying way as you turn the handle! I found the film tricky to load the first time as with all film cameras as you get to know them. I filmed the whole film of the boys sledging, and now need to send it away to get processed, I think the beginning will be damaged as I pulled too much out trying to feed it onto the receiving spool. I can't wait!

I've also subscribed to the lomography film service - to feed my love of film and keep my lomo and lomokino ready and loaded at all times! Some of my favourite pictures ever were taken on film and you can see some of them on my film flickr set from years gone by!


  1. Looks like an amazing bit of kit! I too am a sucker for analogue. Love my Olympus Trip and have just picked up a second hand Instax too. Our wedding video was shot by a friend on his cine camera, it is magical. I imagine that your lomokino will be a simular effect, would love to see some footage! Laura x

  2. my hand was so shaky am sure it'll be interesting (or should that read 'arty'?)
    Will share footage as soon as I get it back x

  3. I love Lomo Photography. Looks like an interesting box of goodies.


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