Wednesday, 19 December 2012

wheat filled hand warmers...

My plan tonight is to settle down on the sofa, away from the distraction of twitter and make some wheat filled hand warmers. I have a lovely piece of check flannel that is actually a John Lewis swatch, that I'm going to back with some natural linen to create a pocket. I will then infuse the wheat grain, (89p from my local health food shop) with some lavender essential oil and fill the pocket, stitching it closed. 

Then when finished, you put them in the microwave for 40-50 seconds and they stay warm for about 30-45 minutes. Perfect for a present for grandma to keep her hands warm when she watches the boys play rugby and also handy when it gets really cold to put in the baby's push chair to keep him warm too. 

*updated: I have made a cotton lining first as recommended, which seems to work better when using the essential oil*


  1. Brilliant idea Emma - love the fabric too.

  2. Love this idea Emma. I think they would be a really lovely present for teacher's too for when they are on playground duty.

    I'm too late for me to make them now but perhaps over the holidays.

    Have a very Happy Christmas.

  3. When I made these, I found it best to put the wheat into a cotton bag and then make a slip cover from the decorative fabric so that it could be easily washed. But maybe we just have dirtier hands than you!

  4. these look good thanks for the detail, have a good christmas! Heather x

  5. Very informative blog about Wheat & Lavender Hand Warmers. Thanks for the details and It is very brilliant idea...


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