Saturday, 15 December 2012

Our homemade Christmas...

We are busy making as many gifts as we can this Christmas, and somewhat predictably find ourselves behind! Our aim is to keep costs down, be kind to the environment by not buying heavily packaged goods and support local retailers. In order to be more organised and realistic I've listed the things I still need to make this week, because crossing things off lists makes me happy!

❄ boys cushion made with off-cuts of Cath Kidston's vintage football fabric
❄ flannels with the boys initials on - Father Christmas only visits clean boys right?
❄ a gingerbread house kit {compromising pieces of gingerbread house & sweets} you can buy my tried & tested recipe and template if you fancy giving this a go?
❄ wheat filled lavender scented hand-warmers for grandma
❄ grow your own Christmas dinner - parsnip, sprout, carrot & pea seeds! Inspired by last years Grandma's garden & Grandpa's shed.
❄ a drawing pad made with expandable pictures
❄ knitted elephant with linen scarf for the baby
❄ fir cone firelighters
❄ limoncello
❄ personalised tambourines
❄ bird seed biscuits for the chicken!
❄ homemade marshmallows on sticks, with hot chocolate mix

and I have no idea what to get the husband! Ideas please...


  1. I think I need to write a list to keep track of what else I need to make (and have that satisfying thing of crossing it off!) so I may have to copy your idea later. Reading your list has made my list grow though - an expandable picture drawing pad may have to be made for my nephew.
    I'm not getting my husband a present this year (well, I am, but it's tumble dryer shaped!) but if I was, this was going to be a possible:
    (Not homemade admittedly!)


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