Thursday, 27 December 2012

our Christmas in pictures...

  1. a potted Christmas tree we can plant in the garden after Christmas
  2. our gingerbread house now sits proudly on our kitchen shelves
  3. making bird seed biscuits
  4. the baby meets Father Christmas for the first time
  5. Santa gave the boys some wax to wax the runners on their sledges (we're hoping for snow!)
  6. Christmas eve
  7. singing carols in the village pub
  8. vintage trees 
  9. a gingerbread biscuit advent wreath
  10. surely it isn't Christmas unless a child wears a tea towel? 
  11. grow your own Christmas dinner seed gifts
  12. taking part in the Fabulous Baker Brothers Christmas Special 
  13. gingerbread star garlands
  14. we made hundreds of pine cone firelighters
  15. our Christmas cake (we copied the idea from here)
  16. everyone should have a Christmas jumper! 

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