Friday, 21 December 2012

meeting Father Christmas...

I remember as a child being taken into town every year, to the big department store to see Father Christmas. I would be incredibly excited as the town would have sparkly Christmas lights, the shop windows would look like wintery fairy tales and to get to the grotto on the third floor, you had to go on three escalators! (there was only one shop with escalators in the town, this in itself was very exciting). Once on the third floor, signs would direct you past the carpet showroom and customer services, and towards the grotto.

We would queue for hours, taking off and clutching layers of coats, hats, scarves and gloves, not paying attention to the grotto animated decoration with its twinkly music and fairy lights, for me it was all about the man himself - Father Christmas. Those precious few moments when I got to sit on his knee and whisper what I'd like this year. I really believed in him and went away clutching my plastic toy having promised to be good and not peep on Christmas Eve!

This year, I took the two youngest to see Father Christmas, to a lovely new toy shop in Nailsworth, called the Enchanted Childhood Toyshop. They had an outdoor grotto, with the most wonderful smily Father Christmas sitting inside. It was simple and perfect and the ticket price included a delicious hot chocolate from The Canteen next door with a huge marshmallow on a stick. We waited for our turn and had a good five minutes talking to Father Christmas. He explained to Ted, why he couldn't possibly eat ALL the mince pies left out for him and how carrots help reindeer see in the dark. He didn't ask if Ted had been good this year (phew) and luckily (without prompting) Ted asked for the same lego that he's been wanting for months (again phew!) He then gave the boys a toy each, Ted had Zoob, which I must say, I was delighted with such a good quality toy.

I could tell that Ted didn't believe for one minute that this was the REAL Father Christmas, but he does still believe that he exists for now and with the baby we get to carry on this magical tradition for a few years yet. I would love to take them to Lapland and see reindeer and the northern lights, wouldn't that be magical?

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  1. Hello, I've been having a peek at your blog since it was featured at Housewife Confidential and very much enjoying it. I saw this today and wondered if you had. It's a bit sappy but still, I might be using it in the future... Hope you have a happy Christmas.


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