Monday, 3 December 2012

all wrapped up...

I'm not vain, but when I was asked to be a guinea pig for a brand new treatment at the Montpellier Chapter Spa, I literally jumped at the chance! The new REN body contouring detox wrap is now available at just three spa's in the UK and Cheltenham is one of them.

Lasting just under two hours this signature treatment is described as one of REN's most indulgent. Designed to visibly reduce inches and the appearance of cellulite. It starts with a full body scrub with salts and caffeine, then you are cocooned in a hot infra-red blanket to encourage sweating, whilst your face and scalp are luxuriously massaged. Finally all the toxins are drained away through a deep lymphatic massage with RENs body contouring anti cellulite gel. It was absolutely amazing.

Now this treatment isn't cheap - 105 minutes is £99 and a course of three treatments £250 but and this is a big BUT, it works, it actually works! Not only have I lost inches, they are still off over 10 days later and I have dropped a dress size. I actually hadn't contemplated this, but with a few Christmas parties over the next few weeks, I am really rather delighted that my skinny jeans are now quite baggy!

So my advice is to ditch those magic creams and fancy pants that restrict your breathing and book yourself in for the new body contour wrap or if it's a little too pricy, ask for it for Christmas or some money to go towards it! You will not be sorry.

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