Saturday, 1 December 2012


We've made a gingerbread biscuit advent calendar this year after seeing this one on Pinterest. We chose a gingerbread recipe using black treacle that made a dark gingerbread. The boys chose their favourite biscuit cutters, making sure each biscuit had a hole in, we then iced on the numbers before hanging with string on a simple wreath made from willow. The two older boys are sharing the calendar, one has odd numbered days, the other even and on Christmas eve, they both have a large reindeer biscuit.


  1. What a great idea Emma. Was in Hobbs House yesterday -always think of you when I'm there. Loved their gingerbread window. Think I am going to have to make some today!

  2. I love this idea, far nicer than the normal chocolate ones.It looks so pretty as well.

  3. What a good idea and especially sensible to remember to make the hole before baking.


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