Saturday, 24 November 2012

a homemade Christmas...

We have been busy making Christmas decorations for our handmade Christmas, jam jar snow globes and pine cone fire lighters. 

how to make jam jar snow globes
you need a selection of jam jars
vintage trees, small play deer or bits of pine tree to blue tack or glue to the lid
fake snow - I used a product called insta-snow bought from my local toy shop that you add water to and it grows! 
we also added a little white glitter to the snow

How to make pine cone fire lighters

you will need
pine cones
cinnamon and mandarin essential oils 
an old saucepan, non-stick cake tray & spoon

Wind a short length of wick around the base of the cone, leaving a short length (1cm) free for lighting
Carefully heat the wax (follow the instructions on the packet)
Add drops of essential oil to the heated wax
Spoon the wax into each cake tin dimple, placing a cone into each
Leave to set (I put mine outdoors in the cold to set!)
Once set, you should be able to lift them cleanly out of the tray

We're going to wrap them up to give them as gifts to friends and family with fires and wood burners this Christmas, as they make a lovely fire lighter and give off a Christmassy aroma too! 


  1. Snow globes are so magical - I loved them as a child and remember being mesmerised by the cascading glitter. Yours look fab xo

  2. These look lovely. I love spending the time in the build up to Christmas making homemade presents and decorations and love all the baking that comes with the season. I'm also posting lots of homemade tutorials on my blog and you could also link yours up to the thrifty christmas blog if you wanted to spread the word a little further.

  3. Those snow globes are beautiful, I love the trees. Had I not been on maternity leave, I was planning to do a craft like this with my class - I might just have to give it a go on my own anyway! The firelighters look lovely too, and I bet they smell amazing.

  4. Emma - these are stunning! Where did you find the vintage christmas trees (bottle brush trees), I've seen some on etsy. Might have to investigate. Also I am going to make those fire lighter... gorgeous! x

    1. Thank you Lou, the trees came from the US, there are loads on ebay and etsy. The fire lighters were amazingly easy to make and smell gorgeous. I look forward to seeing yours x

  5. These are fab ideas - I love the idea of the essential oils in the firelighters but my daughter has fallen for the snow globes. You've definitely inspired us, thanks.

  6. The fire lighters look lovely, such a clever idea.


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