Monday, 29 October 2012

a homemade Christmas...

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Now the clocks have gone back and the nights draw in, my mind wanders towards Christmas. This year I have decided to try and make as much as possible, from decorations and gifts, to recipes and cards & wrapping paper. Over the years we have managed to make quite a few things, last years 'grandma's garden' (a decorated box of seeds) and 'grandad's shed' (a decorated box of beer) were quite a triumph! 

I want to make our gifts from foraged materials, 'upcycled' materials I have in my cupboard or if I need to, buy things from the local scrapstore - in order to avoid over packaged plastic toys and mass produced tat. It takes me a long time to make anything nowadays so I need to put my thinking cap on and choose what I can make over the next few weeks. Quite a challenge - non?

These are all the people I will be making for and ultimately need to impress!

9 year old son
6 year old son 
baby son
9 year old god daughter
6 year old god daughter
6 year old boy
4 year old boy
2 year old girl
the chicken! 

So is anyone else up for this homemade challenge? 


  1. I've set myself the same challenge - most of mine will revolve around food, but I also have 2 nephews who won't appreciate a jar of chutney so have a few ideas up my sleeve for them...
    Love the fact the chicken has made it onto the Christmas list!

  2. Yes! Oh well done. Adults are fine with the homemade, but boys? I don't think anything I could make would impress them more than a box of LEGO! But yes... I'm up for the challenge. x

  3. Sounds wonderful - I too am planning to make many of my gifts. Lots to do though! The chicken made me laugh - I have visions of a tiny scarf to keep her warm on these dark winter evenings.

  4. I do love making home-made too, and avoiding the shops is a bonus too. I always run out of time though. Good luck with your challenge!

  5. Oh,and loving your Winter Wonderland Pinterest Board....

  6. You always inspire me and especially with your Christmas gift ambitions. I plan to make my own Christmas cards for the second year in a row and the usual pastries for the neighbors and cookies to make us all fat. But, now, I will be thinking of handmade projects and will let you know what I come up with. I can say, that in recent years, I have had fun collecting through the months leading up to the holidays, old trays and plates and bowls . . . containers of all sorts, for the cookies and cakes I will eventually bake as gifts . . . something to eat and a little vintage goodie to keep.
    Happy preparations, dear Emma. Linda in Virginia, USA

  7. My side of the family always try to do mostly hand-made presents for Christmas and those are the presents we keep and remember, rather than something bought in desperation. For once, I started early this year and have already made a small blanket from wool that's been sitting in the cupboard for years. I always find females easier to make for than males so hoping to get some inspiration from you.

  8. Hi Emma
    I have just finished what I consider to be a fabulous homemade gift for my youngest neice. I bought an old bookshelf made from mdf in the shape of a house and I have painted it and papered it and I am thrilled with the finished results - hopefully my neice will be too. For boys who loves bugs why not cover a mirror frame in old cigarette card of bugs! I usually do them with garden flower cigarette cards.

  9. Dear Emma, I could not found on your pinterest wall the page about the little animal (deer?) created with fabric and littles branches: it's the second image from the bottom on your right in this bigger picture here up above...above the white dishes and under the feathers..please let me know the pin about this craft project, because I need to create this little animal for a child :-)
    He would love this so much!!
    please let me know!
    Thank you!

    1. The picture is originally from here I loved it so much I tried to make my own which weren't quite as good but really easy to make! Good luck - Emma x

  10. This is a very brave plan Emma! I try to make a few presents each year - homemade limoncello goes down very well, especially coupled with some funky old tumblers and pretty labels. I made my husband our family in Russian dolls a couple of years ago if you fancy a bit of an art project. I'm doing more for friends and family this Christmas and they do go down rather well!

    1. love the limoncello and tumbler idea, Suzie thanks! Think the Russian dolls are a little ambitious for my limited art skills, but a truly wonderful idea x

  11. I'll start small and make a few home made things, I think the boys standards wouldn't be met by anything I could come up with!

  12. I love it, you are so organised. I love the fact that you've also provided us with all the inspiration & ideas! I'm trying to make gifts this year too. We nearly always make for the grandparents. Although I have to admit the kids will get a bit of 'christmas wish list' stuff. I will also run out of time. But plough onwards we will. I'm also buying my mum & dad a charity gift - it's a school place for a child ( There are lots & lots of different gifts to choose from many different charities. I think my mum & dad will feel very pleased when they open this gift on christmas day. Last year they got a goat!!! We've also done a shoebox gift, we do one every year ( My children really enjoy choosing the gifts for the box. It's very sad that these children only receive one of these boxes in their lifetime & quite often the family sell the contents for the money. Even though times are tough for us right now, we are far better off than many others. I'm going to make those bird feeders, so pretty in heart shapes! x

  13. Ooh, just thought of another present we're aiming to do, this would be easy for you. Calendars with photo's of the children. I'm on the search for something tasteful! So, if anyone finds something where I can down load the photo's & have the finished article posted back to me, please let me know. x


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