Wednesday, 22 August 2012

boys will be boys...

I never imagined I would have three boys, but with the baby almost four months old and starting to roll over, I know that so very soon, all three of them will be running around, chasing each other, arguing and doing all the loud, smelly, boisterous stuff that boys do. There are a few simple rules I try to stick to, in order to remain sane. 

1. Be active - my children, especially the eldest, have the most amazing energy - they are on the go from 6.30am! No matter how tired I get, if they don't get their daily exercise and fresh air, by two or three o'clock we'll all be climbing the walls! I find even when I'm at my most lethargic, fresh air helps me feel better too, the worst thing is the weather, we dash out in between showers or even walk in the drizzle!

2. Have a routine - the more organised I am the more smoothly our day goes, I sit down the night before and on a Sunday night to loosely plan the week ahead, if the boys know what we are doing they seem more receptive to fitting in school work, chores and are more helpful - and the more they can do the better. We get little jobs and boring stuff done first, clearing up breakfast stuff, homework, dressing the baby, phone calls etc before we go out on our adventures.  

3. Be patient - I am probably the most impatient person EVER! I will never fail to get annoyed at telling a child to put his socks on three times. The calmer I am the more calmer the boys are - simple! A friend said to me wisely 'choose your battles' as she could see I was loosing a battle of wills with the stubborn six year old! This I definitely need more practice at. 

4. Eat good food - my boys have bottomless pits for stomachs, the nine year old especially eats loads and needs good proper meals. If they snack and have too many sweet treats they bounce off the walls, so they need a proper hot meal every day and plenty of fruit and vegetables (which they only eat under duress!) We try and involve them in meal planning and cooking as much as possible. 

I also try and look after myself as much as possible so I have as much energy as I can muster - which sounds a bit like survival training but I find if I have early nights and eat well I can just about keep up with them!


  1. Dito to all of that, I have 3 sons and a stepson. My middle one is the most active, he gets really moody if he can"t do any sport or be outside, I likening him to a dog (not that I'm calling him a dog) he needs to be exericsed twice a day :) x

    1. I agree Claire I definitely have a springer, a labrador and a potential jack russell!

  2. I imagine as with all children they bring great joy. All the same I think I got off lightly by having girls.

  3. someone once said to me that 'boys are like dogs, they need to run twice a day' - so this is my motto. Immerse in nature every day, and feed their body and minds. Simple. x

  4. Each point just rang true to me, especially the one about being patient, my youngest is such a good boy when I am calm, as soon as I get het ut he responds the same way

  5. I hear you and I only have 2 boys!! Agree with it all but I find 10am our cut off for getting out before the descent into chaos starts!! They're looking lovely. Hope all ok. X

  6. Having 5 boys I couldn't agree more, my youngest are 7 and 9 enjoy the energy because all of a sudden they become teenagers and you need a crowbar to get them to leave their bedrooms....

  7. Boys definitely keep you on your toes. But I always thing as long as they are regularly fed,mine are happy! I don't find them as demanding as my daughter,they are much more easier going and sort of go with the flow. I love the photograph of your 3, beautiful.

  8. I had two boys and then a girl. Some days I wish they were all boys. They are so much easier! My boys are now 17 and 15 and are fabulous (my daughter is pretty fab too). Have lots of fun with your lads.


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