Monday, 23 July 2012

there's more than just pasties, a brief guide to west Cornwall...

We have been visiting West Cornwall for years now and I lived there after graduating from Uni for a short while. Here are a few of our most favourite places to visit and things to do...

Buy a Cornish pasty from McFadden's Butcher's in St. Just and take it to Cape Cornwall (a few minutes drive from St. Just) where there is a sea filled swimming pool on the rocks. Go for a quick dip and enjoy a warm pasty when you get out. 

Hop on the Penwith Explorer Open Top Bus - service number 300 - that hurtles around the peninsular, stop off at the Tinner's Arms in Zennor or the Gurnard's Head at Treen for lunch. 

Go to the Beach Restaurant in Sennen for breakfast, before hiring a bodyboard and heading down to the beach to surf some waves! 

Discover the history of the Cornish Tin Mines at the new Heartlands visitor centre (amazing adventure playground) or Geevor Mine

Buy a fishing net and go rock pooling at Gwithian Beach or Godrevy Beach. 

A friend told me that Penzance Farmer's Market on a Friday was fantastic but I have yet to visit. 

Marvel at the Minack Theatre an open air theatre carved into a cliff. Dress up warm if you go in the evening, there's no shame in taking a lap blanket to this windy venue!

Stay in a beach chalet, like the one we stayed in last year with Forever Cornwall. 


  1. Thanks Emma; not that I needed more reasons to explore Cornwall - but I've got a great excuse now!

    We've tended to stick to the north east coast around Port Isaac or south near Fowey. Must stretch our legs westward - thanks for the lovely ideas. Great picture - massive pastie!


    1. I love reading about Port Isaac on your blog Steph and we too had a fab time near there when we stayed at Cornish Tipi Holidays! One of the highlights was listening to the Fisherman's Friends singing on the slipway, it was fab and loved Daymer Bay too.

  2. Oh, it's been too long since I've ventured that far south... We've been all about Devon recently but you've given me a taste for Kernow now.

  3. We are off on a camping tour of cornwall next week, most of it I have not explored before. I will certainly be checking out some of these suggestions - thanks!

  4. I've been following your blog for a while now and, like you, also have three boys (one of which is still a baby). Thanks to your fabulous recommendations we have just booked a week in one of Forever Cornwall's cottages (sadly couldn't get Driftwood). I also visited west Cornwall a lot while at university and have had a few holidays there since, but am always on the look out for new places to visit that often involve beaches and that are suitable for young children. Thanks so much for sharing your highlights, we will be sure to check them out!

    1. That's brilliant to know Helen, you won't be disappointed - Forever Cornwall are just fab. I will be blogging about good beaches next too! I hope you have a wonderful time, Emma x

    2. Thank you for sharing your guide to the best beaches in the area. Our holiday is getting closer and closer so I am taking note of all your wonderful recommendations. I was curious how you managed with a pushchair at some of the beaches you mentioned- was it easier to carry your baby or does your pushchair cope well on sand/rocks? Thanks again, Helen x

    3. My pushchair is a nipper 360 and as it's quite light it coped beautifully on all the beaches we visited...
      On Sennen we had to pull it backwards on the beach
      On Gwithian we park at Gwithian Towans car park and then carry it down the steps by the lifeguard hut (maybe 30 steps) between us, the beach is wet so pushing it is easy, the track is a little bumpy in places.
      At Kynance the track is gravel and you can push a pushchair all the way to the cafe, I carried the baby over the river and rocks and my husband lifted the pushchair down to the beach!
      I prefer the harder to get to beaches as it usually means less people! And my two older boys are a delight as they will now carry things too!
      I carried the baby on Porthcurno as the sand is deep and the beach quite steep.
      Hope this helps and have a wonderful holiday, Emma x

    4. Thanks so much Emma, this does really help. I only hope it doesn't pour with rain so we can at least make it to some of these beaches!!! x

  5. Hello, Emma. I check in on your blog each day and if you have posted, there always is a delight. For instance, I love learning about your parties and outings be they day trips with the boys or special vacations such as your recent trip to West Cornwall and even have tempted my husband, half kidding and actually really seriously, to take me there. If I find that you haven't posted on a particular day (after all you are busy with family and work and house and friends), I meander about to sometimes find a recipe idea or to enjoy an older post. I love them all - the way you write, your humor, frank commentary on life, joy of being a mother and wife, zest for life, and coming to know you and your beautiful family. So, I write to you this long over due note of thanks.
    With admiration,
    Linda Hartman
    Burke, Virginia

    1. Linda,
      What a dear thing to say, thank you for taking the time to say hi! You should definitely come over if you ever get the opportunity ;0) Emma x


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