Wednesday, 6 June 2012

on the menu in our house...

This is my favourite foodie time of year and on the menu in our house at the moment is the best of homegrown, local and seasonal food... 

Picked-from-the-garden pea and mint soup, with smoked bacon croutons and pea shoots, accompanied by crusty bread. 

Smoked bacon wrapped Evesham asparagus, courgette and feta (OK the feta's not local!) salad with pea shoot salad. I called this my 'royal family salad' this weekend and the feta was in tribute to Prince Phillip, who was born in Corfu!

& if you saw Sunday's post about Croque Madam Muffins, then this is what you make with the left over egg whites ~ a huge pavlova, the perfect setting for locally grown strawberries. 

1 comment:

  1. These all look incredible. I am definitely going to try to make that soup this weekend! Xx


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