Monday, 4 June 2012


This weekend has revolved around food so far, I have never eaten so much! We went to our village jubilee celebrations in the Church Yard yesterday, the picture above shows the AMAZING jubilee cake - a replica of the Coronation Crown, on a red pillow with gold braid trim and a Union Jack flag - ALL edible and delicious and made by Gillian Hancox, Victoria Elvidge and Samantha Twigg. 

There were also teddy bear parachute jumps from the tower and a village photograph where 2,000 people try to squeeze in one shot! I thought someone should dress up in red and white stripes as Wally from the 'Where's Wally' books, but I couldn't find anyone mischievous enough!


  1. amazing, the pillow and the union jack all edible! wow

  2. That cake is something else. But I love the idea of the teddy bear parachute jumps... One of my boys is called Ted though, and I definitely don't want to give him any ideas - he's nuts enough.


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