Saturday, 16 June 2012

and relax...

Having not done any exercise for over ten years I tentatively searched online for a yoga class last week. Despite having lost the baby weight, I could still do with loosing a few pounds and general firming up (especially in the tummy area!) I have never been bothered by my weight before, I don't ever weigh myself, if I can't do my jeans up then I know I've eaten too many cakes! But for some reason, I really want to get fitter and actually feel quite motivated right now!

I have found the most fab mother and baby yoga class in an amazing studio with panoramic views only a few miles from me! The yoga is relaxed and incorporates the babies, who lie on the floor watching each other - well apart from my little guy who just screamed! I managed 'the cat' and some relaxation, hopefully the babe will let me learn more as the weeks go by and I actually stick at it too! 

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