Wednesday, 30 May 2012


Over the last year I have found it increasingly difficult to get the boys to enjoy family walks and adventures in the countryside. A bit of a confession eh? With me being pregnant, appalling weather and the eldest boy *committed* to playing football, I felt increasingly frustrated that we were loosing our connection with nature. We spent enough time outdoors, but the sidelines of a football field do not compare with the joys of the countryside. 

It's a constant challenge not to be swamped with quite how much the boys do, there are birthday parties, after school clubs, homework, football & cricket practice all eating into our family time. We seem to be constantly driving somewhere and really this is only one boy out of three! I feel quite an ogre to insist on time together when they beg to play with their friends, but I believe the time we have together is so precious and hope they agree when they look back on their childhood. 


  1. so brave of you to say this, we all feel the pressure to do "everything" time together is so important and I feel gives our children a deep feeling of love which will never leave them xx

  2. Together time is so important. This post rings so true for me, we made a concious decision last year to cut back on a few activities as we were all spending so little time together. I hope you all enjoy every minute of yours.

  3. your right, good luck with that. Choose slow! Heather


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