Friday, 25 May 2012

the olympic torch relay...

This week the Olympic torch relay passed through our village. It was impossible not to get swept up in all the excitement, as all the houses wore Union Jack bunting in the sunshine and crowds massed to what is usually a sleepy Cotswold Town.  

We cheered all the police cars and motorbikes, we certainly don't ever see that many here, and they were the Met ones too so a lot flashier than Gloucestershire police! There was even a helicopter overhead - almost as exciting as the torch to be truthful. 

When the torch arrived we all cheered together in the sunshine and just for one day forgot about the recession! I would certainly recommend seeing the relay if it passes near you. 


  1. It went through Worcester & Malvern today - very exciting. It is lovely to feel cheered up doesn't it?

  2. Saw it this eve in Cardiff. They did a torch bearer swap by us. Middle son had his photo taken with one of them. . Such a fantastic experience. X

  3. yes, watched it in Stroud, wasn't it fun!! great turnout and yes lots of cheering of all the vehicles as well. Even the cyclists coming through had a cheer!


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