Thursday, 17 May 2012

ladies who lunch...

Yesterday, the boy was turned away from the school door as he had been sick in the night, he was absolutely fine but the school policy states that a child must stay away for 24 hours if they have sickness or diarrhea! Our lovely friend Alice also had a day off work and was up for a jaunt, so we all decided to go to Cowley Manor as a treat. 

"A visit to a luxury hotel whilst on maternity leave!" I hear you cry, and yes it does sound amazingly frivolous BUT it is my top tip for new mum who needs to watch the pennies. The menu at Cowley for example has a fantastic range of food at a range of prices, with coffee & cake starting at £5, this is comparable with Starbucks prices. I had the fishcakes, that were absolutely delicious, the boy had a Cowley burger with chips followed by ice cream from the children's menu, which was a set £5 for two courses. He declared his burger tasted "like cow" which was his way of describing just how beefy it was! 

Now throw in the fact that there are beautiful grounds, luxurious furnishing, large comfy sofa's to lounge on, a terrace on which to eat alfresco, sun loungers and secret picnic sites and lovely staff who wait on you and open doors for you! Perfect for a new mum for whom getting dressed in the morning is an achievement.

We spent hours here, relaxing and playing some of the board games available to guests whilst listening to the chilled sounds of Goldfrapp. Now who wants to sit in a busy high street coffee shop when you can be a lady who lunches? 


  1. What a lovely day - it sounds perfect. J and I stayed there pre-children and we are off to a wedding on Saturday at nearby Barnsley House and I can't wait! New mothers need a bit of luxe and if you find it on a budget all the better...x

  2. thanks for the tip. I've never been to Cowley Manor and being quite a local girl I shall go with a friend and have a nice lunch there. Enjoy the new babe and get what rest you can! Heather


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