Thursday, 31 May 2012

entertaining three boys...

photograph by Jenny Ross

Having children can be exhausting and last Saturday, with the Mr. on a stag do, I was feeling daunted by entertaining three boys for twelve hours! So I decided to ask the older two what could we do on a hot day with a five week old baby and they chose cycling. So we went to pedalabikeaway in the Forest of Dean with friends, where you can hire all you need for a fun adventure on two wheels.  

I thought I must be going mad to choose something so active, but it was easy with the baby neatly fitting (in his car seat) in a bike trailer along with a picnic, which to my relief wasn't heavy at all to pull on the flat. The boys who need daily exercise raced back and forth around us and with a ice cream stop on route and cafe at the end with plenty of picnic benches, we had a fab time. I thought I would struggle fitness wise, but we chose a route that was flat and even with a complete lack of sleep the night before I found it really enjoyable. 

Although expensive if you hire all equipment, you can reduce costs by taking your own bikes and just hiring child seats and trailers. I would highly recommend cycling in the Forest of Dean, perfect for families as it suited all ages and abilities on a wide range of bike trails. Pedalabikeaway has a great vibe with lots of cool young trendy mountain bikers (who all cooed over the baby!), the staff were really friendly and helpful too. 


  1. Blimey - you are super woman. Most mamas are still on their babymoon at 5 weeks. I have just fallen in love with biking too... must go and check out those trails. xx

  2. I love biking - not that I have the boys to wear out. Days in woods with picnics and friends hold such a special place in my childhood memory. Sounds like fun and I agree with Lou - you are one super mum!

  3. I love the Forest of Dean for cycling - we have been a few times and always have a great time. You are amazing to be cycling so quickly but with three boys you do have to just get on with it.

  4. oh my! just found your blog via Pinterest... we go cycle in the same place A LOT... I have three boys too and it's always a fab day out.

    In fact, this coming half term we'll be there !!


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