Monday, 7 May 2012

boxing clever...

Forget bundles of baby clothes, one of the best presents to send ravenous new parents is a food box, here are just a few that I have received or why not put together your own box?

Born & bread...
Hobbs House do a variety of breads by mail order, but having just received their taster box, it was the most perfect gift with a great variety of their popular loaves. It comes with instructions and some freezer bags so you can make the most of the bread. They have also just started doing meat boxes too - which would make a very different gift to send a foodie friend?

Born in the cabbage patch...
Riverford do a great selection of fruit, salad and veg boxes for a variety of prices. This would make a great new baby gift for parents with older children too. It seems to be a battle in our house to a. have enough fruit and veg in the house (our nearest shop for anything fresh is a supermarket) and b. get the children to eat enough fruit and veg in their diets.

Baby cakes...
I was sent a Meg Rivers baby box when I had my first child, it arrived out of the blue and was a delight for ravenous new parents with lots of visitors. The box contains two delicious cakes and 16 shortbread biscuits, which will certainly keep you going through those first few weeks.

and for the ultimate in gifts, check out this homemade biscuit tin!


  1. natalie thistlewood-cox7 May 2012 at 19:09

    what a great idea, my husband was great a making me food when I had my first son Asa but it all went to pot with my secind son Jasper 17 months later. Now, jyst need to find a good friend who is expecting I can send one to! Hope you are getting as much sleep as you can with baby Stanley. x

  2. Great gift idea, you have thoughtful friends!!! I am seriously of the opinion if a person doesn't bring food to a new mom, a snack for her and her family, then they really shouldn't be visiting!!!! And the friend that dropped a watermelon off at the gate into the arms of my oldest kid, who was about five at the time - thanks - but no!!! I needed two hands to cut it and by the time it got to somewhere where I could cut it ... it had been dropped, splattered how many times!!! Needless to say - food that doesn't require ANY effort is always my preferred baby gift!!!

  3. My local NCT group do meal drops when anyone has a baby. We draw up a rota and for two weeks a meal is delivered every day. It's AMAZING to be on the receiving end of one of these, and so much pleasure cooking for others too.

    Hope you are all doing well and Stanley is letting you get a bit of sleep. x

  4. so yummy! oh they are in the UK. altho i dont know how long it would take them to post across country




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