Thursday, 19 April 2012

story catchers...

I don't know about you but I hate having my picture taken, I don't photograph well as I'm too self conscious and awkward. I am happiest hiding behind the camera, taking pictures of others and hundreds of my family - you may have noticed?

Anyway, with this third pregnancy I realised I didn't have ANY pictures of my first two pregnancies, and now was my opportunity to capture this very weird time when you have the most humungus belly! Of course I'm not talking Demi Moore belly shots but something that captured not only the lump, but the boys too.

I am extremely lucky to count the uber talented Pen McKinley-Rogers as a good friend, she is the most amazing wedding photographer, check out the gorgeous pictures she takes with husband Cam for their business McKinley-Rodgers Photography. She agreed to come and capture a little slice of the chaos that is Bradshaw life.

These are just a few shots, if you want to see some more then check out this lovely video montage that she has put together. The reason that Pete is laughing so much is that we have never used the vintage cups at home before and he never walks through the door in the evening to a freshly baked cake! (or a photographer for that matter!) You can read about the shoot on Pen's blog and how it didn't go according to plan at all, with a child poorly on the sofa and our aim to get outside hampered by one of the bleakest fog's that just didn't lift!

The best thing is that Pen and Cam have just launched their new business, Story Catchers, and you too can hire them to capture your family's lives, a moment in time to treasure for ever. I am delighted with the results, Pen has captured 'us' perfectly and I hadn't even noticed her taking most of the shots! What do you think?

p.s. if you are local there is a limited introductory offer on now, although you'll have to be quick!


  1. Wonderful photos, Emma - this is how family portraits should be, not awful posed shots against a white background!

  2. Beautiful photographs - and so lovely to see you!

  3. These photos are beautiful Emma - a lovely document of such a special time x

  4. Oh hello! Nice to see your face and the bump. You have a gorgeous home! Such beautiful details..I love the kitchen utensil shots. We use golden syrup tins for pencils but cutlery is a great idea. Oh good luck Emma.. will be thinking of you next week. xx

  5. The photos are so beautiful, as are you and your family. Your home is very photogenic! Love the cups. Thinking of you - going overdue is rubbish. Keep resting and waiting. x

  6. Very sweet photos, I really enjoy your blog. Lots of luck for the birth and the new arrival x

  7. What an utterly charming blog x

  8. Lovely photos and such a good idea.

    Just peeked at your twitter feed for news and saw your gorgeous new arrival. Congratulations to you all!!! He is a total cutie-pie! Hope you are all well and you managed to get home quickly. Best wishes and looking forward to lots more baby pics!


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