Saturday, 7 April 2012

pimping with patchwork...

I absolutely loathe frilly and character baby stuff, sorry but there you go, I am not one to decorate a nursery with a theme and find it infuriating that shops only seem to sell baby things in pastel pink or pale blue. 

My work kindly gifted us a moses basket as a maternity leave present, we borrowed one for baby number one, just used the cot for baby number two - but as he turned out to be the worst sleeper ever, are trying a basket again for baby number three! The moses basket they gave us is a beautifully plain one costing just £7.90 (+ P&P) and plain stand, that they accompanied with a lovely natural mattress from Greenbaby to go in it - just perfect for our simple tastes. 

I bought a lightly padded liner to go in it for only £10 (see top picture) and then set about on what can only be described as a 'whim' in pimping the basket with patchwork! I have never tried patchworking before and hand stitched it as I had returned my friends sewing machine the week before thinking I had run out of time for fanciful and ambitious ideas such as this. But it doesn't look too bad, I just need to run around the seems again to tidy it up and cut out some pieces where it has bunched around the bends! But it will do for now. 

What do you think? I have run out of patience to do a similar patchwork quilt and changing mat, and now understand quite why patchwork quilts cost what they do, they really are a labour of love! 

For the eagle eyed amongst you, the fabric I used has been in my craft cupboard for years and has featured in many a project over the years since I bought to make party bags it for my sons tractor party in 2008! 


  1. It's perfect Emma - I adore it! The pink/blue thing is annoying isn't it. I've been floored by how many people have commented on the fact that I seem to dress Poet in a lot of blue.

    Sending you many blessings for a safe & joyous birth. I cant wait to hear your special news x

  2. Oooh I love it!

    So much more stylish and homely than anything in the shops, it looks just lovely and will keep your new baby to be safe and warm.

  3. Love it - it's gorgeous. Totally agree re the themed nursery schemes. Lazy decorating, that's what it is!


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