Sunday, 29 April 2012

inducing labour...

A week ago today, I was 42 weeks pregnant and booked in to be induced the following day. I tried everything to try to encourage spontaneous labour but baby number three seemed not to be interested in going anywhere! I had even tried 'sod's law' e.g. get the carpets cleaned - my waters will be bound to break on them! 

Annoyed by my family, who didn't seem to take any interest in my impending plight, I took myself off for a long walk, I walked about four miles, up hills, along muddy stream paths, over styles (not easy!) and through glades of gorgeously smelling wild garlic. It did me good as I had been feeling quite teary and emotional all day. 

Of course it didn't make any difference! But it did enforce my belief in the power of nature's medicine, I took shelter from a rain shower under a holly bush and cried great big tears in the rain. My biggest concern throughout the pregnancy had always been ending up in a big hospital rather than our local small midwife led maternity unit and here I was with that inevitable feeling. 

Of course, our biggest fears are often not realised, but that's another story to tell...

*It is important to note that anything I write about pregnancy and giving birth is from my own experience and of my own opinion. I wouldn't wish to influence anyone about childbirth and each of my three pregnancies and deliveries have been very different. Always listen to expert advice and ask questions, your midwife is there for you. 


  1. Can't wait for the next bit!
    I was determined to have Finn at home and of course he was two weeks late. The day before I was due to go into hospital I looked at those Malvern hills and decided that there was only one thing for it - I had to make a last ditch attempt to avoid the hospital.
    I must have been a hilarious sight as I really was walking like a chimp, he was very low down in my pelvis at that point. I didn't make it all the way up the hill but something happened. That night I felt restless and woke up, not in labour exactly but knowing. I lied to the hospital and said I was in labour and went for another walk. I had Finn that evening, at home exactly as I planned.
    I know that I may have played a bit of a dangerous game but I just knew that he would come all by himself that day and I really wanted him to be born in our home. I really love birth stories. What ever happens in them they are always inspiring in some way.

  2. I can almost smell the wild garlic from that picture which has made me very discontented with office life! Hope the baby has come by now.


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