Sunday, 15 April 2012

day 286...

reading stories in bed with giant belly!

I am now 'overdue' and playing the waiting game, both my previous children were late so this should be no surprise, but for the third time my impatience has the better of me!

I have been looking up natural ways to encourage labour, as my first baby was induced and would prefer not to take that route again unless medically necessary. I've tried a few things like eating lots of pineapple and curry, homeopathic remedies and very long walks but I'm feeling more chirpy and fitter than ever with no twinges or anything! 

One of the midwives that I saw last week said that they see an increase in births after school holidays, as if mum's are holding on until children go back to school, so we'll test that one tomorrow! 


  1. I was induced for my first child a daughter. My son was 4 days late. At the park, on a windy day, I managed to let go of our kite. I ran after it but luckily a kind man caught it for me. My son was born that evening!! Take care xx

  2. Try marching up to the top of a hill - did it for me twice! Good luck - this week for sure...

  3. Sex can help, if you can actually be bothered!
    I remember waiting for my daughter just hopeing she would come before I needed an induction. I hope you beat the need for one!

  4. Both mine were induced. One midwife told me that sex can work, apparently there is something in the sperm that is like the hormone they induce you with or something. Oh, how we laughed. I could barely turn over in bed by that stage without a winch.

    Good luck though, hope things happen soon. xx


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